We love goats and escape rooms!

Sorry, no live goats at the escape room!  But we do have 4 adorable goats (check them out below).  

We do, however, have some cool escape rooms!  

Mr. Gondolier’s Attic will keep you guessing! It’s great if you like creepy dolls, clowns, puzzles and things that pop open!  Our other room, Doc Brown’s Den, will be a total 80’s throw back! Cowabunga! Coming soon!  

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Doc Brown's Den!

Take a trip back in time!

Revisit some of the best moments of the 80's! Doc Brown has sent you back in time to get his spare flux capacitor. Retrieve it and escape before the Delorean runs out of plutonium! Like Nintendo, Atari, Pac-Man, Garbage-Pail Kids and Puzzles??? This room is for you!

Mr. Gondolier's Attic

The attic seems empty since the disappearance of Annabell. A week prior, she told her parents about a strange clown named Mr. Gondolier that would visit her during the night. They thought she was just imagining it, but now they are not so sure since she went missing. They can hear Annabell’s faint voice through the walls singing her favorite nursery rhymes. A spiritual medium was called to investigate. She discovered that little Annabell was indeed taken to the other side by this mysterious clown.  Can you rescue her before the spirit world closes all together?

Click on the Images below to learn more about our goats!





Kurt Russell
Everybody relax, I'm here.

I’m Kurt, got any peanuts?


Mrs. Mia Wallace
Princess Mia

I am Mrs. Mia Wallace and this doe runs the show.

Having my chamois coat brushed is so magnificent, I have fallen asleep standing up.

Kurt Russell is my big brother, literally.

Freddie Mercury

I’m Fred.

I have a sweet tooth and Honey Nut Cheerios are my favorite.

They say I holler the most, but I am just singing the hits!

Frank Reynolds

I’m Frank.

I poop the bed and sneak in the chicken coop.

If I fancy you, you will know it because I make a duck face and tinkle!