Who we are.....

We are escape room enthusiasts that have done over 50 escape rooms. We love the challenge of solving puzzles, collaborating as a team and winning the game. 

We are Westsiders and want to bring something fun to Evansville!

What makes us unique?  Many escape room businesses buy pre-made puzzles or room packages. Not us, we make our puzzles.  Many hours go into designing, planning and building a unique escape room puzzle.  You’re guaranteed to have a one of a kind experience!

While we don’t have “Vegas” money to build eloborate room settings, we do try our best to set the stage.  Our 80’s room is filled with nostalgia and our Dollroom is filled with….. well…. lots of creepy dolls.  We have been collecting oddities for years. Spend a minute or 2 in our entryway and you’re bound to see something you haven’t seen before.  We like weird stuff!  

We also really care about our patrons. We’re not so much in this for the money, we really want to  offer a fun experience that you can share with your friends and family. Take a photo afterwards infront of our goat sign and hold a room prop to commemorate your adventure.  

Supporting local is important to us.  We get our props and decor mostly from local thrift shops. We buy our T-shirts from a local business.  Please consider trying Goat Escape Rooms!

Disclaimer*** – no live goats at the escape room!  We do have 4 adorablegoats at the house: Kurt Russell, Freddie Mercury, Mia Wallace and Frank Reynolds

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